Ways to Show Love – Implementing the Love Languages in Your Family

Having trouble discovering your family members’ respective love languages? Having trouble manifesting them in your daily actions? In my last article I talking about the basics of the five love languages, and in this article I will cover some practical applications of theses languages.

One of the easiest ways to discover a person’s love language is to discuss the whole concept with them and see which aspects are most attractive to them. Sometimes, it can be kind of tricky to pinpoint your own love language, especially if you are a person who is a mixture of several. You can help your family members by noting which acts of the love languages they display to you most often. It is very common for a person to show love to others in the same way they like to receive it. For example, a person whose love language is gifts will be buying you lots of gifts. At every birthday, holiday or party, they will usually bring at least a small gift. If a person’s language is touch, they will often touch your arm while speaking to you.

Words of affirmation: “You did a good job,” “you look beautiful today,” “your hairstyle is awesome,” “you have beautiful eyes,” “you have a pretty smile,” “you did a great job helping with dinner,” and say thank you a lot.

Touch: hugs, holding hands, giving a foot, shoulder or back massage. You could also mix this with the gifts language and give a super soft blanket, comfy socks, back scratch, new, high-thread count sheets, etc.

Acts of service: Many husbands are used to being told to buy candy and flowers for their wives. But, if your wife’s love language is acts of service, you are likely not winning many brownie points. You would be better off buying her groceries, and doing projects around the house. For your kids, help them with their homework, do your daughter’s hair, help with your son’s baseball swing.

Quality time: Take a picnic lunch, play board games and card games, go places around town, take trips, go on “dates” with your children, listen to each other’s ideas and dreams. Usually watching movies and playing video games are not quality time to this person, because you are not interacting with each other as much as other activities.

Gifts: Things to do together: gift card for a restaurant; or simple presents: candles, a new kitchen utensil, and practical things like erasers. Big things, like new dishes; or things in their interests, for example, a bird watcher would appreciate a feeder or a new bird book.

Make sure you kept your way of expressing love to your family personalized to their interests, and in a way that displays your personality. Be creative and come up with your own ideas. Of course, encourage your family to come up with ideas of their own. Have fun!